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What is Volume License?
  • Answer: Volume Licensing of software makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within an organization. By acquiring software licenses through Volume Licensing programs, you only pay for the software license. Boxed software, on the other hand, includes media (CD-ROM or DVD), a user's guide and other packaging items. Eliminating these physical item costs and purchasing in volume often reduces cost and provides more customized purchasing options and improved software management. Depending on the Volume Licensing program you choose, you may receive media, and you have the option to acquire media (or supplemental media), documentation, and product support separately as needed.
What is the difference between the Product Use Rights (PUR) and End User License Agreement (EULA)?
  • Answer: The End User License Agreement (EULA) is associated with retail and OEM software. The Product Use Rights (PUR) document is associated with Volume Licensing. The OEM use rights are between the customer and the OEM. The retail and Volume Licensing use rights are between the customer and Microsoft, Adobe, and etc…. Volume Licensing customers are provided additional benefits, such as re-imaging and downgrade rights, that may not be available in other software channels.
Can I purchase software through Old Dominion University Site License Program and install the software on my personal computer?
  • Answer: Typically Site License can only be installed on an Old Dominion University owned computer; however, some software has “Home-Use-Rights” such as Microsoft Office, SAS and SPSS. Please consult with your Technical Support Provider (TSP) for more information or contact the Monarch Techstore.
What are the costs of each Site License Software?
  • Answer: The cost of each Site License (SL) differs from vendor-to-vendor.
What Site License Software does Old Dominion University currently have?
  • Answer: Old Dominion University has the following software available: Adobe, ESRI, Microsoft Office (Campus Agreement), Other Microsoft Software, QSR Nvivo (Limited Seats), SAS, IBM SPSS, IBM SPSS Amos (Limited Seats).
Do we have a Survey program similar to Survey Monkey or Inquisite?
  • Answer: The University has acquired Qualtrics as the new survey software for use on campus. A project team is currently working on testing this software and developing a plan to roll it out on campus.
Who provides support for all Site License Software?
  • Answer: For licensing questions, please contact the Monarch Techstore at softwaresitelicense@odu.edu or 757-683-5611. For installation and or technical issues, please contact your Technical Support Provider (TSP).
Who is the assigned Technical Support Provider (TSP) for my department so that I can ask him/her to install software?
  • Answer: Once approved and processed, a Footprints ticket will be created and the ticket will be assigned to your designated Technical Support Provider (TSP).
Where can I get the Monarch TechStore Purchase Authorization?
What is the process to obtain a copy/license?
  • Answer: The process to purchase a Site License Software is as follows:
    1. Complete a Monarch Techstore Purchase Authorization Form. Click Here
    2. Purchase Authorization Form must be approved and signed by your Budget Unit Director.
    3. You can scan and email the approved from to techstore@odu.edu or fax it to 757-683-3423.
    4. It takes approximately 24-48 hours to process a Site License Request.
    5. Once processed, a Footprints ticket will be created and will be assigned to your Technical Support Provider (TSP).
    6. Your TSP will schedule and install the approved software
How long does it take to process a Site License Purchase?
  • Answer: It takes 24 to 48 hours to process a site license request. This does not include weekends.
Do I get a receipt?
  • Answer: Yes, you do get a receipt. We can email the receipt or send it to you via campus mail or if you wish you can stop by the store and we will be happy to give you a copy.
Why can’t I buy the Student/Teacher Edition for use on ODU owned computers?
  • Answer: Currently the University has an open volume licensing contract with software distributors. Student/Teacher editions of software are for use on computers that are personally owned by students, faculty or staff.
How do I know if I am eligible for Site License Purchase?
  • Answer: You are eligible to purchase through the Site License Program if:
    1. You are purchasing on behalf of your department.
    2. The software will be used on an ODU owned machine including notebooks issued to you by the University.
    3. Provide the Monarch TechStore with an approved Purchase Authorization signed by your budget unit director.
    4. You agree to abide by the site license use policy.
How can I submit a quote request?
  • Answer: To request a quote, please do the following:
    1. Consult with your TSP (Technical Support Provider) to ensure item/software being requested is correct and compatible with your current system.
    2. Email the request to: techstore@odu.edu
    3. In most cases, quotes are provided within 24 to 48 hours depending on the items.
Do you have Microsoft Office Home Use Program (HUP) and is it free?
  • Answer: Yes, you are able to purchase Microsoft Office for Home Use for $9.95. To purchase Office through the Microsoft Office Home Use Program, please read the terms and conditions below:
Microsoft Office Home Use Program

The University's license agreement with Microsoft provides an option for the use of the Office Suite (Windows and Mac) on a faculty or staff member's personally owned computer. One downloadable copy of the software may be purchased by the employee if the following requirements are met:
  • The Budget Unit Director certifies that the software is required by the employee to conduct official University business while at home.
  • The software is currently installed on a University owned desktop and/or notebook computer used by the employee on the campus.
  • The desktop/notebook computer is not shared with another University employee.
  • The employee's position is not classified as a Non-Exempt position by Human Resources.
The use of the software by the employee is governed by the following terms and conditions:
  • The software may only be installed on one personally owned computer.
  • The software may be used only to conduct official business on behalf of the University.
  • The software must be immediately uninstalled from the home computer when one of the following events occur: The employee's employment at the University is terminated or The University's agreement with Microsoft is terminated.
The software product may be acquired by:
  • The Budget Unit Director completing and signing the appropriate section of the Microsoft Office Home Use Program Agreement Form.
  • The Employee signing this form and sending the completed form to the Monarch Techstore.
  • The Monarch Techstore will send the employee an email message with instructions on how to purchase the downloadable Office software.
Please follow these steps to obtain a copy of the WAH document:
  1. Go to OCCS webpage http://ww2.occs.odu.edu/hardwaresoftware/downloads/index.shtml
  2. Click “For Faculty/Staff only” which is located on the top right.
  3. You will need to login in using your MIDAS ID and Password.
  4. Scroll down and you will see Old Dominion University Microsoft Campus Agreement – Home Use Program.
  5. Click on description/requirements
  6. Click on MSOffice HUP Agreement link for PDF form.